Girls Got Kicks

is the first ever photo documentary of badass females, told from a unique angle: their passion for sneakers. 

Written by the founder of, Lori Lobenstine, and illustrated with powerful portraits by Amanda Lopez.




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Featured Artist: Fetti D'Biasi aka "Sneaker Fairy"

Check out Girls Got Kicks' featured artist, Fetti D'Biasi, on the new sneaker channel, Hype Kixx. As always, she's telling the truth about her skills as a sneaker customizer and connoisseur! (Leading up to her piece is a nice interview with the founder of Sneaker Pimps, Peter Fahey.)

Above, Fetti D'Biasi in Girls Got Kicks. To see more of her work, check her site, Coming soon, Hype Kixx feature on Girls Got Kicks author Lori Lobenstine. 


Featured Artist: New Claw Money Video

Youtube premium channel WIGS just published this behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling OG graffiti artist and fashion pioneer Claw Money. If you love the claw, check out how it's grown and what's going on for Claw Money today.

And here's Claw with her killer sneaker collabs, as featured in Girls Got Kicks...


Featured Artist--Toofly


Toofly has been reppin' for the ladies since the 90s, and her fearless icon graces walls around the world. This beautiful video was taken on a steaming hot day at famous 5Pointz in Queens, NYC. For more on this piece and her work, check her site





Artist of the Day: Kerin Rose

I met Kerin Rose at Sneaker Pimps NYC in 2006, when she amazed me by carrying one fabulous bedazzled Chuck Taylor in her bag. She’s now famous for her spectacular eyewear (, worn by the likes of Rihanna, Grace Jones and Lady Gaga. When I interviewed her for Girls Got Kicks, I had to ask if she’s still carrying magic kicks in her bag…

My bag is always filled with sparkly magic tricks! I’d love to work more with sneakers, but right now outside of eyewear, I do mainly face masks and head pieces. However, any and all of my clients that have seen the shoes lose their minds without fail. Very few singular items can literally drop a jaw the way a Converse covered in 3000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals can. 


Artist of the Day: Loni Schick

Loni Schick, a tremendously talented young photographer from Toronto, pours her passion for sneakers, hip hop, skateboarding and travel into a wonderfully vibrant eye for photography. We were fortunate to have her contribute to Girls Got Kicks as a guest photographer in both Canada and Holland, as well as for our Married to the MOB and Martha Cooper features. She is currently Subeditor and a significant contributor to the awesome female street culture publication, C.O.P. Magazine and has recently joined RESPECT. Mag as an online photo contributor. Her photography has also been featured in Complex Magazine. Go Loni!

Karla Moy, aka Hustlegrl, of Toronto, as shot by Loni Schick for Girls Got Kicks